Wednesday, June 6, 2007

At Issue

The books all have been lovingly hand-sewn and sitting in a box next to me now. Soon, they will be disseminated to the ten or so people we know who might want them. And, hopefully sooner than that, I will figure out how to put Paypal up so you can buy buy buy.

But first: a little bit about our current contributors:

Marie Buck has had work appear in HOW2, Shampoo, Glitterpony, Coconut, and Womb Poetry Vol. 1: Hives and Covens, among other places.

Brad Flis’ chapbook, Health Pack, was published by The Chuckwagon. He has had work appear 1913: a journal of forms, Aught, Shampoo, Gutcult, and recently, Poets on Painters, a catalog for the Ulrich Museum of Art.

Lawrence Giffin has a chapbook, The Great Crystal Castle, forthcoming from Minus House Press. He has had work appear in Skein and Glitterpony.

Steven Zultanski’s chapbook, Homoem, was publish by Radical Readout press. He has had work appear in Antennae, and Skein, among other places.